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03 December 2013

Thales’s first A400M Flat Panel Flight Training Device provides additional training capability to Airbus Military in Seville

The first A400M Flat Panel Flight Training Device designed and built by Thales for Airbus Military has been contributing to the training of air crews at the Airbus Military International Training Centre in Seville since October.

The training device allows air crews to familiarise themselves with the A400M cockpit environment and with the aircraft systems’
functionalities and procedures, as well as flight laws. It represents the aircraft cockpit using a combination of simulated or actual aircraft hardware with high-quality interactive graphical panels displayed on LCD touch screens.

The Flat Panel Flight Training Device provides procedural training to flight crews as part of type certification, tactical training and mission rehearsal, during which the trainee is briefed about normal and abnormal procedures under a step-by-step flow, before carrying out the procedure in the real cockpit environment.

The device is particularly useful for instructional use as it provides overthe- shoulder training in a classroom-style environment. Its layout makes it easy for an instructor to physically demonstrate or identify equipment or operator issues.

Key points

  • Additional training capability at Airbus Seville to help air crews familiarise themselves with the A400M cockpit environment and systems.
  • This device and the Full Flight Simulator delivered earlier in the year are good examples of the tailored family of products we offer to our customers


Haha. Thanks for the link. You know that the Predator drone is made entirely of paper and runs on an etliasc so there is hope for every nation!The Freebird plane looks like a licence built Pilatus to me but what do I know?

22 february 2015


06 january 2015

We may never see this on IAF Mirages. Apparantly, the deal may fall through due to very high price qtuoed by Dassault. At around $41 mil per plane- it is better to go for new built Su 30 instead

17 september 2014

More and more writings just have words in them that mean liltte to nothing. You have written an article that is very deep in meaning and kept it simple for the average reader to understand.

16 september 2014