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14 September 2016

ETSO/TSO: a Key Certification Process for Equipment Suppliers

On the occasion of the FAA TSO international conference which took place in Boston on 31 August and 1st September, Eric Parelon, Airworthiness Certification Vice-President at Thales, presented the EU industry perspectives regarding the ETSO/TSO certification process, on behalf the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD).

He highlighted the importance of such process for equipment suppliers in providing them certification credit for multiple installations and the benefits for the whole chain in streamlining the certification process up to the Type Certification. He also expressed the industry satisfaction regarding the entry in force in March 2016 of the ETSO/TSO reciprocal acceptance between EU and USA through the bilateral aviation safety agreement.

Finally, he stressed the challenge for industry and authorities to modernize the ETSO/TSO process to cope with the new systems and technologies.

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