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20 June 2017

TopMax and TopEagle: What makes the difference?

The TopMax and TopEagle head-worn display systems offer off-boresight capabilities, which can be used for various applications. Both solutions draw on Thales’s more than 20 years of experience in helmet-mounted display systems. They can be easily interfaced and customised to any type of fixed or rotary-wing aircraft.

TopMax is dedicated to commercial aviation and business jets, with the main objective to reduce takeoff and landing minima and increase pilot situational awareness and, in turn, safety of flight. The first version of TopMax was unveiled two years ago at the Paris Air Show.

More than 100 hours of flight testing

Since then, improvements have been made, taking account of feedback from pilots. More than 100 hours of flight testing have been performed by Thales and with various potential customers. We have redesigned the product with a more compact form factor, integrating all the display elements as well as the head tracking system. The goal was to reduce the product’s footprint in the aircraft.

Easy to use, comfortable, full-colour and compatible with synthetic vision representation, TopMax offers a 360° unlimited field of view, including flight symbology for piloting and additional symbology for mission management.

Designed for military and missionized aircraft and helicopters
Photo: TopMax

TopEagle is dedicated to military and missionized aircraft and helicopters. The solution is designed for pilots and crews in the cockpit or cargo areas, enabling them to fly safely and perform their missions efficiently, keeping their eyes out of the aircraft.

It can be fully connected with the Amascos® multi-mission system. In that case, pilots are able to designate a point of interest on the ground and send information to other crew members at the rear of the aircraft. This allows easy dialogue between crew members and with aircraft and mission systems.

This head-worn display can be easily interfaced and customised to any type of fixed or rotary-wing aircraft mission (tactical transport, maritime and surveillance patrol, customs, law enforcement, border protection, coastguard, search and rescue, firefighting, reconnaissance, aerial operations, offshore, emergency medical services, etc.).

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