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In brief
May 16. 2022 Did you know – The facts on 5G and Radio Altimeters
May 12. 2022 Thales strengthens its partnership with Dassault Aviation through maintenance agreement for electrical systems on Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000 Fleets
May 06. 2022 Thales selected by Airbus for its new flight management system
Apr 29. 2022 French defence procurement officially notifies Thales and CS GROUP to develop PARADE drone countermeasures system
Apr 21. 2022 Eve and Thales enter a partnership to develop eVTOL aircraft
Apr 07. 2022 Thales’s ScaleFlyt Platform to support safe and secure deployment of drone operations in Australia
Mar 24. 2022 Amelia’s Solenne Regourd: "Our vision of what makes a flight eco-friendly has changed!"
Mar 23. 2022 Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) and Thales enter into a partnership for aircraft maintenance and repair
Feb 28. 2022 Thales and Amelia form partnership to bring near-term improvements in the regional operator's environmental footprint
Feb 15. 2022 Thales EVP Yannick Assouad's comment piece on LinkedIn: 'Accurate measurements key to reducing the environmental effects of aviation'
Feb 10. 2022 Thales Flights Footprint Estimator: a concrete tool to reduce the environmental impact of aviation
Jan 13. 2022 Thales to create highest ever wifi hotspot as it joins forces with Airbus Perlan Mission II stratospheric glider project
Jan 12. 2022 AVIOBOOK entrusted to digitise flight operations of three more airlines for an additional 300 tails
Jan 07. 2022 Thales's Yannick Assouad talks sustainable aviation with French aeronautics sector influencer Xavier Tytelman
Jan 05. 2022 EDA Defence Innovation Prize awarded to COMBI, Thales's IA-based game changer for Human-Machine teaming
Dec 21. 2021 Frontier Airlines expands AVIOBOOK program with implementation of phase II
Dec 20. 2021 Thales and Aeronav to support a new era of safer, more efficient airspace management in Haiti