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In brief
May 05. 2021 Helisim Grand Prairie center’s Reality H full-flight simulator now open for business!
Apr 29. 2021 Avionics EVP Yannick Assouad's comment piece on LinkedIn: 'The non-CO2 keys to reducing the environmental impact of aviation'
Apr 14. 2021 Caverton and Thales sign acceptance of Africa's first Level D helicopter full flight simulator
Apr 13. 2021 TK Kallenbach appointed CEO of Thales InFlyt Experience
Apr 06. 2021 "Flying with confidence": Land and Air Systems EVP Christophe Salomon gives insight in new LinkedIn opinion piece
Mar 29. 2021 Industrial digitization: advances at Thales showcased at IDC "Future of Manufacturing" virtual event
Mar 26. 2021 Avionics EVP Yannick Assouad's comment piece on LinkedIn: "Services to airlines, the vital ingredient of aviation"
Mar 23. 2021 Aviation influencer Xavier Tytelman introduces the PureFlyt new-generation Flight Management System
Mar 17. 2021 Introducing RSM NG, the new digital secondary radar... and an innovative meta-sensor for safer air traffic management
Mar 09. 2021 Delivering a virtualised Conflict Detection and Alerting Solution to support Norwegian air traffic controllers
Feb 10. 2021 Destination: Certification! Thales Flight Test Crew comments on the StandardAero/Thales True Autopilot for light helicopters
Feb 10. 2021 Avionics EVP Yannick Assouad's comment piece on LinkedIn: "A new era for aeronautics"
Feb 02. 2021 Qatar Airways is enhancing the travel experience with Thales AVANT IFE on its Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner
Jan 28. 2021 Thales and H3 Dynamics enter drone automation age with real-time tracking for seamless traffic control in low-altitude airspace
Jan 21. 2021 Airspace of the Future Consortium: Thales among tech leaders coming together to develop the future of UK aviation
Jan 04. 2021 The background story on the StandardAero/Thales industry-first four-axis autopilot for light helicopters
Dec 17. 2020 Ready to Fly: reestablishing air passenger trust in a post-pandemic world
Dec 14. 2020 Heli-Union calls on Thales to train helicopter pilots for Mongolia's civil security forces