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Eurocontrol chooses Thales for cybersecurity and digitalisation of air traffic services

May 28. 2018  Eurocontrol has awarded Thales two contracts to strengthen the cybersecurity of its information systems and, in partnership with Cegeka, a Belgian company specialising in advanced information technologies, to support its continuing digital transformation.

With steady growth in air traffic, more competition and new environmental challenges, stakeholders in the air transport sector are going through a major transformation as they leverage digital technologies to share information more effectively.

Building on its world-class expertise in air traffic management and cybersecurity, Thales is working with Eurocontrol to digitalise air traffic services in Europe and ensure the highest levels of passenger safety and security.

As cyberthreats become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, Eurocontrol has selected Thales to strengthen the cybersecurity of its information systems by developing a set of cyberattack detection and cyber risk management solutions.

Under a separate contract in partnership with Cegeka, Thales consultants will advise Eurocontrol on its digital transformation, and the company will support the development of new air traffic control applications to optimise management of European aeronautical data.

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