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Jun 20. 2013 

The twin-engined, 11 tons class helicopter is designed for day and night and adverse weather operations and fulfils the stringent NATO requirements to face up to the military scenario of the next decades. It has been sized and conceived to be able to operate from any type of prepared or unprepared surfaces and to satisfy already in its basic design the entire specific feature requested by tactical transport requirements. Among others:, EMI/EMC qualification, intrinsic capability to take off and land by day and night in extreme adverse weather conditions, performing NOE - Nap of the Earth - flight, beyond the FEBA - Forward Edge of the Battle Area -, together with high availability, low maintenance effort required and flight line maintenance up to the 3rd level. It is developed by NH Industry - 62,5% Eurocopter, 5,5% Fokker and 32% Agusta. There are two different versions of the NH90: The NH90 NFH is primarily conceived for autonomous Anti-Submarine Warfare and Anti Surface Unit Warfare and the NH90 TTH version - here - is conceived for tactical transport of personnel - up to 20 troops - and cargo transport of up to 2,500kg, Heliborne operations and search and rescue. The TTH has the highest flexibility and versatility to be easily and rapidly configurable for the other roles that can be required, namely SAR and CSAR, Heliborne Operations, MEDEVAC / CASEVAC, Electronic Warfare, Airborne Command Post, VIP Transport.