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Flights Footprint Estimator - Let's reduce your climate impact together

Oct 17. 2022  A look at the journey behind the award-winning Flights Footprint Estimator, which delivers CO2 equivalent measurements and forecast platform-based services.

Did you know that Non-CO2 effects (NOx, Contrails, water vapour) contribute to 40 to 60% of aircraft operators’ climate footprint?

Flights Footprint is a web app and a set of APIs that estimates and forecasts both the CO2 and non-CO2 effects of any flight. 

Our solution is a short-term solution for 2020s’aircraft operators that can be used by any airline, airfret transportation company or business jet operator. The models have been designed with top-notch experts in laboratories and academic institutions in Europe.

The magic of Flights Footprint is that it takes into account both CO2 and non-CO2. Using it has allowed us to completely rethink what makes a flight eco-friendly and imagine levers to reduce our environmental impact on the very short term!” Solenne Regourd, AMELIA

Thales and green aviation

Thales has always been a major player in the environmental transition to reduce the climate impact of civil air transport.

We are convinced that we can reduce the climate impact of flight operations by leveraging our assets in ATM and Embedded Avionics systems. Did you know that we cover 40% of the worldwide airspace with our Air Traffic Management ground? Did you know that 2 out of 3 takeoffs and landings are performed by Thales equipment.

Thanks to these two core assets, Thales is paving the way towards the strategic levers of eco-friendly flight operations.

Science as a foundational step.

And when we talk about the Environment we focus on Science, which, in the words of our CEO Patrice Caine, “Science helps us build a safer, greener world and a more equitable society”

That’s why we’ve been working with many research academics and renowned international universities.

This topic is both urgent and very complex, where we need the greatest expertise.

Act now and join the Green aviation community!

The Flights Footprint Estimator team has been working hard of late, both in the development and testing of the measurement tool and of the Green aviation community which covers the entire value chain.

Whether you are ANSPs (Air Navigation Services Providers), aeronautical manufacturers, airlines, maintenance personnel, airports, investors, regulatory institutions, universities and research laboratories, ONGs, join us to act now and reduce the climate impact of flight operations.



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