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FlytEDGE - The first connected cloud-based IFE

May 28. 2024 


A revolutionary connected cloud-based inflight entertainment system

FlytEDGE is not a traditional IFE system - with a sleek architecture, cutting-edge features, and unparalleled performance it enables airlines to stand out by bringing the 'cool' factor to each seat, offering fully-tailored passenger interactions.


Transform to the Extraordinary

with FlytEDGE's state-of-the-art cloud architecture

Unique Experiences

A true engagement platform offering boundless opportunities for connected and custom journeys

Exceptional Efficiency

With anywhere, anytime updates, virtual testing and real-time data analytics

Superior Performance

Integration of new services for a system that is always growing at the speed of consumer technologies



Reinvent passenger experience

  • Tailored and immersive entertainment with 'just-for-you' IFE curated live
  • One Solution, any device for unified interface on both seatback and personal devices
  • Customers bring their favorite applications onboard
  • Always evolving with the best of the consumer world

Onboard Data Center (ODC)

  • Replaces the traditional multi-server network with an effective and compact blade architecture
  • Simplifies upgradeability path with easy blade swaps
  • Ensures the highest system availability
  • Crystal Cabin® award-winning




Embrace the EDGE

  • Seamless integration of consumer apps
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics
  • Never-before-seen quality of experience
  • Flying today



Fly like never before.

To discover more, contact InFlytMarketing@us.thalesgroup.com