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In conversation with Rémi, manager of the Planning team within Thales’s global support and services activity

Nov 20. 2019  Rémi is the manager of the Planning team within the global support and services activity at the Thales site in Châtellerault, central France.

Rémi has a rather special story: he got his diploma in engineering following a work-study program on the Thales Valence site and since then he has never left the Group. It is thanks to his experiences as a Product Series Manager and then Industrial Manager that he became the Planning manager at the Customer Support Centre at Châtellerault.

Every day, Rémi leads and manages his team which is mainly made up of planners. They ensure that the parts are in stock at the right moment whether for sale (that we have to send out within seven days following reception of the order) or for repair (that we have to contractually return within a maximum of ten calendar days following its reception). As a result, the planners analyze and propose daily scenarios on the repair flows. The position that Rémi holds involves constant dialogue with numerous teams like repair technicians, program leaders, buyers and sales teams.

Rémi’s main priority is to maximize the performance in the Group Supply Chain all while ensuring the delicate balance between performance and stocks. This requires an excellent understanding of the aeronautic market, and the issues inherent in the sector, as well as the need for timely products and services so that Thales is able to anticipate the changes in client needs.

Rémi, tell us a bit about your background. How did you end up a member of the Thales family?

I am what you might call “100% Thales-made”. I completed my engineering studies after having completed a sandwich (work-study) program with the Group on the Valence site. Once I got my diploma, I had the possibility to continue working in the company, and since then I have worked in several different positions across three different sites: in Valence, in Vendôme and now at Châtellerault.

After several experiences primarily in the technical field, I wanted to make the change towards the Supply Chain to develop new skills. I had the opportunity to take the position of manager in the planning service within the global avionics support and services activity.

So what does this position actually involve?

I am responsible for planning the “flight avionics services and support” activity. I lead and manage a team, primarily made up of planners. As part of this activity we plan, at an international level, the right levels of stock to meet client needs within the required deadlines.

To reach the level of performance expected by our clients, each day, we analyze and propose scenarios to manage repair flows, stocks and supplies from both our internal and external suppliers.

As a result, you must have to communicate with many different people!

Yes, in fact, my position involves constantly exchanging with many different teams: the planners, the repair technicians, the buyers, the sales teams, the BID teams and even the PSEs (Product Support Engineers). We all have to agree, continually question the validity of forecasts, understand why there are gaps in the flow of products, and manage the stocks.