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Interjet chooses T3CAS for A320 Order

Oct 01. 2012 

T3CAS is an integrated surveillance platform developed by ACSS and distributed by Thales. It  combines a Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) and Mode S Transponder in a single line-replaceable unit (LRU). Integrating TCAS, TAWS, and a Mode S Transponder into a single LRU saves weight, avionics bay space, and improves system overall reliability.

Interjet, a Mexico-based airline has selected the T3CAS integrated surveillance system for installation on its order of Airbus A320 jets. Interjet’s first six A320s will be delivered with T3CAS, including two in November 2012 and four in 2013.

According to Edvin López Mendoza, Interjet’s head of Engineering:  “We have been very happy with the ACSS T2CAS. ACSS has demonstrated significant leadership in the development of TCAS, TAWS, and other technologies that have enhanced situational awareness for our pilots. We are pleased to partner with ACSS in their next evolution of these technologies and look forward to even lower costs of ownership driven by further integration in the T3CAS platform.”

“T3CAS will deliver Interjet the most advanced surveillance capability for its A320s”, said Scott Duffin, Director of Sales for Thales Avionics Services Worldwide. “Through its higher level of integration and technological advancement, T3CAS delivers the full suite of surveillance functions with less weight and volume of federated systems, with reduced wiring and improved power efficiency.”

Photos credit: copyright ACSS