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JetBlue select AVANT IFE for their future fleet of A220-300 aircraft

Sep 24. 2019  JetBlue’s first fleet of A220-300 aircraft will fly with Thales AVANT IFE. Travelers will enjoy a custom-designed connected experience, with a wide selection of entertainment and the latest high definition screens at every seat.

JetBlue has selected Thales’s state-of-the-art AVANT inflight entertainment system (IFE) as part of the onboard experience for its new fleet of 70 A220-300 aircraft – with delivery beginning in 2020.

With its modern industrial design, Thales’s high-performing AVANT IFE will provide customers onboard JetBlue’s newest aircraft an exceptional inflight experience with a vast choice of entertainment and information during their flight.

AVANT is Thales’s Android-based system equipped with high capacity servers, locally stored content, and integration with the onboard connectivity system. Every seat on the A220 aircraft will feature the latest 10” high definition (HD) screens with picture-in-picture functionality, custom connected applications, audio-and-video-on-demand, and personal device pairing to offer personalization and more entertainment options than ever. USB and AC power will also be available for every customer to keep their devices fully charged.

JetBlue’s distinctive onboard experience is core to their mission of inspiring humanity. Thales and JetBlue began their partnership in 2000 when Thales was selected to launch live television to every seat on their A320 fleet. This long standing relationship with the airline has supported the delivery of 253 single aisle aircraft with Thales’s inflight entertainment and connectivity solutions.

“JetBlue has relied on Thales to be their inflight entertainment business partner for almost 20 years, and we are proud to continue building on this partnership with the airline’s first A220 fleet; This award further demonstrates Thales’s commitment in supporting JetBlue’s ambitions to provide their passengers a superior air travel experience.”
Philippe Carette, Chief Executive Officer, Thales InFlyt Experience

In 2000, JetBlue set out to disrupt the industry as the first airline to offer live TV on every seatback, on every plane. We’re extremely proud to continue this long-standing relationship with our partners at Thales, and look forward to introducing a brand-new, custom-for-JetBlue generation of in-flight entertainment on our A220 aircraft.” Mariya Stoyanova, director of product development, JetBlue.
Visual: © AIRBUS S.A.S. 2018 - computer rendering by FIXION - photo by dreamstime.com - MMS - 20181751