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Thales air data solution to enable the smooth and safe flight of Eve Air Mobility’s eVTOL aircraft

Jan 29. 2024  The strategic partnership between Thales and Eve is entering a new phase with the selection of Thales air data solution to equip Eve’s electrical Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Eve Air Mobility has selected the Thales air data solution to equip its future eVTOL, providing pilots and onboard systems with critical information, such as airspeed, airflow and altitude, to ensure the safe and efficient flight of the aircraft, in all weather conditions.  

Electric Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is emerging as a solution to the dual challenge of traffic congestion and reducing the environmental impact of transport in urban areas. 100% electric, EVE’s aircraft has seduced the market, amassing letters of intent for more than 2,800 aircraft.

Committed to environmental protection and supporting its customers with innovative and eco-responsible solution, Thales invents technological solutions to enable new forms of sustainable mobility. Selecting Thales air data solutions to secure its eVTOL flights, Eve is underlining the leading position of the Group’s technologies and expertise on the emerging UAM market and the added value of this product range.

A light and compact air data solution

Powered by eight lift rotors and one push propeller and featuring fixed wings, the aircraft requires a light and compact air data solution offering superior performance in both the low- and high-speed conditions of vertical flight and cruise flight.

Comprising MEMS sensors (Micro Electro Mechanical System) and a computer, Thales air data solution inherits from more than 20 years’ experience of in-house development and series production of MEMS pressure sensors and millions of flight hours in regional air transportation, military aircraft and helicopters. It offers the lowest Size, Weight and Power ratio (SWaP) on the market and optimized performance for vertical Take Off and Landing as well as cruise speed conditions.

While more than 50,000 air data units have been delivered for conventional aircraft, this new-generation solution extends Thales’s recognized product range to the booming Urban Air Mobility Market.

With Eve, we share an innovative spirit combined with aeronautics expertise that will enable to shaping the sustainable skies of the future,” said Yannick Assouad, Executive-Vice President, Avionics, Thales. We are thrilled to consolidate our partnership and widen Thales portfolio of solutions contributing to environmentally-responsible Urban Air Mobility.”



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