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Thales and Aeronav to support a new era of safer, more efficient airspace management in Haiti

Dec 20. 2021  Thales and Aeronav will provide new CNS/ATM (Communication, Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management) systems to the civil aviation authority of Haiti to update and optimise the country's air traffic management capabilities. The project further strengthens Thales's extensive presence in the Caribbean region and will enable Haiti to improve air transport safety and coordinate air operations more efficiently with its neighbours.

Thales has 50 years of experience as a world leader in ATM solutions, and Aeronav is a specialist in air traffic control project deployment. The two companies will provide a range of communication, navigation, surveillance, meteorological and air traffic management systems to support a smooth transition into a modern era of safe and efficient airspace management in Haiti. The InterAmerican Development Bank and government of Haiti finance this 11 million dollar’s contract.

The 2010 earthquake drastically reduced the quality and quantity of air traffic control equipment in service in Haiti, with a significant impact on air transport safety. Until now, Haiti's air traffic management has been based on procedural controls, relying entirely on radio communications between aircraft and controllers on the ground.

Thales has been working with OFNAC in Haiti for more than 20 years on a project to modernise the country's ATM systems. Drawing on synergies between Thales's extensively proven air traffic management solutions and Aeronav's expertise in complex systems integration and installation, the new air traffic management systems will provide Haiti with a safe, modern and efficient ATM capability. In addition, the new solutions will be interoperable with all the ATM centres in neighbouring countries, reducing safety risks and improving coordination of air operations throughout the region.

Thales will supply its TopSky – AIM solution, which is a complete, modular suite of components providing the full range of aeronautical information management, traceability and accessibility functions, as well as the TopSky – ATC en route control, approach control and tower management solution to assist air traffic controllers in optimising aircraft flight paths.

With its intuitive user interface, TopSky – ATC simplifies control procedures and ensures easy maintenance and updating of all system components.

Thales will also provide an RSM970S monopulse secondary surveillance radar to assist controllers in complex traffic conditions, two fully redundant ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) stations and a cooperative surveillance system that broadcasts information about aircraft positions throughout the flight.

The Thales solutions will optimise Haiti's air traffic management capabilities in full compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) requirements and international standards.

The same solutions are already in service in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, the six COCESNA member countries of Central America, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama, Aruba, Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy.

"Thales is a trusted partner of OFNAC in Haiti and has been working with the authority for more than 20 years to develop the country's air traffic control, surveillance and navigation modernisation plan. The new solutions will take Haiti into a new era of safe and efficient air traffic management." Christian Rivierre, Vice President, Airspace Mobility Solutions, Thales


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