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Thales EVP Yannick Assouad - Bringing AI on board aircraft

Jul 04. 2024  In her latest LinkedIn article, Yannick Assouad, EVP Avionics at Thales, shares her thoughts on the implications of Artificial Intelligence for systems on board aircraft, how AI is currently being applied, and the stringent certification framework that is required.

In the opinion piece, Yannick Assouad explains how AI is disrupting legacy avionics technologies and how Thales is making headway with the first versions of AI capabilities to gain valuable experience and real data to create new value and accelerate the adoption of these new capabilities.

She also demonstrates the potential of hybrid AI, drawing on data and knowledge, and highlights how AI played a major role in helping pilots flying an engineless scientific glider navigate through unpredictable weather as part of the US-based Airbus Perlan Mission II initiative. Finally, she underlines the importance of a stringent certification framework and how Thales is also striving to deploy AI internally to achieve greater levels of competitiveness and to ensure the company is attractive to students and engineers. 

"Looking forward, we can justifiably feel excited about what AI can bring, whilst proceeding with caution and being aware of the associated drawbacks (including data property issues, short obsolescence cycles, etc.). As things stand, when AI is injected into onboard systems, it can only be used as a valuable aid… provided the technologies employed are explainable, transparent and ethical! Let’s work towards harnessing and developing those capabilities!"


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