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Thales EVP Yannick Assouad's comment piece on LinkedIn - 'The path to better aviation'

Oct 12. 2021  Yannick Assouad, EVP Avionics at Thales, has published an opinion piece on LinkedIn that focuses on the developments in aviation technology that can be expected between now and 2050.

Yannick Assouad, Avionics EVP at Thales, has published a new opinion piece on LinkedIn in which she talks about the developments she expects to see in the field of aviation over the coming three decades. 

In it she focuses on the levers that have already been activated to achieve progress throughout the 2020s (the renewal of fleets, the optimization of flight paths, and the development of Sustainable Aviation Fuels), what to look forward to in the 2030s (the rise of the use of hydrogen), and what the 2040s may hold (sweeping changes in the design of aircraft). 

It makes for a fascinating journey into tomorrow's aviation, and a glimpse into the innovations and technologies that will enable us all to fly better and build a future for air transport we can all trust. 


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