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Thales & UTM: Trusted Airspace Management Systems Built for Local Communities

Mar 31. 2022 

Drones are changing how we live: how we grow our food, how we deliver goods, how we travel from neighborhood to neighborhood or city to city. They can record, protect, detect, deliver, transport, farm, and surveil, creating a wide range of economic and social opportunities for our communities.

These opportunities, however, can only become a reality if we can be certain of their safety.

Drone operations require precise coordination. From flight authorization and communication infrastructure to fleet management software, corridor designs and risk assessments, drones require airspace management infrastructure that’s purpose-built for low altitudes.

At Thales, we know a lot about airspace management. Thales platforms provide ATC services across 40% of the globe’s airspace, making Thales the #1 ATM provider in the world. Two out of 3 aircraft take off, reach their destination and land thanks to Thales systems.

We also know that every airspace environment is unique, requiring a one-of-a-kind solution. That's why Thales developed an end-to-end solution for drone integration, from concept and development to implementation and maintenance.

Our approach to drone enablement is customer-driven. That means working with you every step of the way to understand your use cases, building on your local expertise, integrating existing infrastructure, and working with local businesses to create a shared-use drone system that serves your community.

We invite you to watch this video about our vision for safe and sustainable drone enablement.

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