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TopOwl: The eyes of the pilot

Sep 25. 2014 

Designed by pilots for pilots, TopOwl continuously upgrades on the latest operational feedback to support the success of increasingly delicate missions conducted in hostile territory, both during the day and at night, for example in Afghanistan, Libya and Mali.

Because helicopters are deployed on a growing number of missions in complex operational situations, pilots need to access aircraft systems’ monitoring and mission information at all times. Offering a permanent day/night "eyes out" piloting capability, displaying flight or mission parameters in the pilot’s field of view , TopOwl  plays an integral part in assuring mission success and improving flight safety.

Originally developed for the Tiger programme, the NH90 programme has also confirmed the operational benefits of TopOwl. TopOwl is the only helmet-mounted system to provide wide-field binocular imaging with integrated night vision functionality. It overlays standard symbology on the light-intensified image as well as images from onboard sensors such as HD FLIR and video cameras. With its unique customised helmet-fit system, TopOwl offers a perfect balance on each pilot’s head to guarantee the high-precision head tracking needed for head-slaved cueing of the main weapon system. The customised helmet-fit system also makes TopOwl extremely comfortable and makes a significant contribution to flight safety and mission effectiveness.

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  • Combat proven (Afganistan, Libya, Mali)
  • In full rate production: more than 1,000 systems delivered and more than 700 additional systems on order
  • Selected by more than 15 armies