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View CANSO's White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Thales' participation to following webinars and workshops

Sep 23. 2021 

1) CANSO published the first White paper on breakthrough technologies that will transform the industry, in the cycle “Emerging technologies for future skies”. It is entitled “AI in ATM: Enablers and use cases » (Emerging technologies for future skies: Artificial Intelligence | CANSO) and was coordinated by Béatrice Pesquet, Director of Research and Business Innovations at Thales-Air Mobility Solutions (AMS).


Watch the webinar on this WhitePaper: AI in ATM: Enablers and use cases | CANSO, in which Thales Airspace Mobility Solutions were presented, our vision about AI-based tools helping ATCOs with conflict resolution advisories.


2) Watch the webinar organized by EASA : “EASA AI Trustworthiness Guidance: paving the way to safety-related AI certification | EUROCONTROL », where Béatrice Pesquet presented the links between high-level European regulation and the current standardization effort for certifying AI-based systems in avionics. This is a joint effort EUROCAE WG-114 with SAE G-34.



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