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Worldwide avionics selections for the first 6 months of 2016

Jul 11. 2016 

Our Flight Management Systems and T³CAS surveillance platforms have been selected on over 400 Airbus single-aisle aircraft.

With more than 20 airline selections over the past six months, we continue as global leader on the FMS market with 70 % market share and on the T³CAS surveillance solution, one of our most successful selectable products on airbus aircraft since 2014, with about 50% of linefit selections.

Across Asia and Europe, the group achieved key selections early 2016 for avionics packages including the FMS and T³CAS with Hong Kong Express on 24 aircraft, easyJet that selected T³CAS for their A320 NEO and CEO fleet totalling 136 aircraft* and the IAG group for their single aisle fleet.

We also recorded several breakthrough contracts in the Americas including Azul, Volaris, VIVa on A320NEO and CEO fleets totalling over 180 aircraft.

A large number of contracts signed also include the Low Range Radio Altimeter (LRRA) and the Thales/Kannad ELT Integra Emergency Locator Transmitters.

Supporting the most complex navigation data

Our new generation of FMS offers unique functionalities such as FLS (Flight Landing System) and “See what you fly” capabilities. With reliable and mature performance and functions, it can support even the most complex navigation data, due to higher navigation database capacity and faster dual processing. It also supports Required Navigation Performance (RNP) 0.1 operations and Performance Based Navigation (PBN). It provides pilots with highly reliable navigational information, relayed in a simple manner, especially suited to heavy air traffic conditions.

Three functions, a single box

The success of ou T3CAS resides in the integration in a single 6 MCU box of the 3 most important surveillance functions: TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), TAWS (Terrain Avoidance Warning System) and Transponder, saving weight, space and power hence money to the airline. In addition, these functions benefit from the latest features like Change 7.1 compliance for TCAS, or Performance based for the TAWS, ADS-B IN and ROPS capabilities. Integra ELT provides redundancy and ensures increased accuracy of the aircraft position for the rescue team to efficiently come to the appropriate location. Today, Thales Kannad ELTs continue to be the preferred option on Airbus platforms. Thanks to its built-in GPS and internal antenna, INTEGRA is 100% autonomous. It is the only ELT with automatic switching of the internal antenna upon detection of failure of the external antenna connection.

*Full article: easyJet selects Thales/ACSS Terrain Collision Avoidance System, T3CAS Mode S

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