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5 minutes with... Evgenia Seiler

Jan 17. 2024  Evgenia Seiler is strategy manager at Thales. She tells us about her career, her current role and give a piece of advice to Thales' candidates!

Hi Evgenia, please tell us about yourself?

My academic background includes a Master’s degree in International Affairs that I enriched during my career path with an MBA and an executive program specialized in Strategy.  

Professionally, I am shaped by business intelligence. During eight years, I worked at various companies of aviation industry - OEM and service providers where I was holding positions in business development that required skills in market analysis, written communication, and negotiation.  

Then, two years ago, I decided to join Thales' Airpace Mobility Solutions activity motivated by the intention to redirect my career towards Strategy. This decision was also influenced by Thales’ reputation as a company committed to innovation.  

Thales, as an ATM solutions’ provider, is currently facing major industry trends, including increased automation and drone operations. These trends set the entire industry on a path of technological transformation, and being part of this journey is a stimulating opportunity. 

What is your current role at Thales? Why is your role important to the business? 

I am currently a Strategy Manager. In a competitive environment like ours, my role is to support internal decision-making to remain competitive and innovative. My mission is to work closely with multiple departments, from business development to R&D, and to provide informed analyzes, sound forecasting and reliable data which help to guide AMS strategic and achievable choices. 

What a typical day look like?  

A typical day is a mix of tasks requiring fluid communication and collaboration. Essential tasks include analyzes of market data, coordination with other departments in the assessment of our strategic choices, and preparation of reports for senior leadership. 

What are your main challenges?  

One of the biggest challenges of my role is the ability to synchronize long-term ambitions with short-term plans. To overcome it, internal collaboration is vital and helps a lot with navigation and balance among various perspectives.       

Do you have any advice for people interested in joining Thales? 

For professionals interested in joining Thales, my general recommendation would be to embrace a culture of continuous learning and innovation. For those aspiring to a strategic role, the ability to communicate effectively and collaborate on cross-departmental projects is crucial. Team spirit and open-mindedness are major assets in our environment.    


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