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Airbus supplier support rating: Improving our results over the years

Jul 19. 2015 

The Airbus Supplier Support Rating 2014 results were recently disclosed by Airbus. Overall, Thales remains this year again a gold-awarded supplier, and a Top 10 supplier for 9 years in a row.

Customer relationship and loyalty are essential in Thales’ business approach. For these reasons, Thales is following up on all customer feedback received directly or through surveys organized by Aircraft Manufacturers. The Airbus Supplier Support Rating is a key indicator and reference on getting this feedback.

In 2014, Thales’ global rate increased from 83.1% to 84.5%, demonstrating continuous improvement in all areas: airlines’ perception increased by 2,2% and Airbus perception increased by 1,8%.

For the 5th consecutive year, Thales has steadily enhanced its Customer Support, leading to a regular progression of the global rate assessed through the Airbus Supplier Support Rating. Among other benchmark Suppliers from Airbus, Thales is the only one to achieve such constant progress over the years.

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