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Airbus Supplier Support Rating: Thales reaches Top 2 position

Jun 21. 2016 

For its overall performance throughout 2015, Thales has achieved an unprecedented number 2 ranking amongst a community of more than 40 suppliers, demonstrating the continuous efforts put in place to meet customers’ expectations.

The Airbus Supplier Support Rating survey is a key indicator of how Thales’s performance is perceived both by airlines and by Airbus. For 2015, the Airbus survey ranking process was modified to further reflect the need for suppliers to excel in all domains of customer support when interacting with Airlines or with Airbus as an aircraft manufacturer. Thales achieved excellent scores with this new rating, further underlying the efficiency and reliability of its customer support organization while consolidating its position as a benchmark supplier for Airbus.

“Customer relationship and loyalty are essential factors of Thales’s after-market business success,” said Daniel Malka, VP Avionics Services Worldwide. “Thales teams work hard to ensure that we continue to progress every year and that we sustain excellent customer satisfaction levels.”

Thales has been constantly ranked among the Top 10 Airbus suppliers over the past ten years. Thales’s excellent performance in 2015, rewarded by this Top 3 rating, received a special acknowledgement from Airbus.

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