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Avionics by Thales: A strong footprint in Asia

Feb 17. 2016 

With key contracts signed in 2015, we will equip a staggering total of over 700 Airbus single-aisle aircraft in Asia, featuring different state-of the-art flight management systems and avionics components. This cements our position in Asia.

Customers include, in addition to a number of undisclosed airlines, Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, India’s GoAir and Singapore’s BOC Aviation. Our Thales Flight Management System (FMS) was chosen by Air China and Shenzhen Airlines on a total of 91 Airbus single aisle aircraft. Mumbai-based GoAir and BOC Aviation also selected our FMS respectively for their brand new fleet of 72 Airbus A320NEOs and for their baseline avionics configuration.

Most of the contracts signed across 2015 also include our Low Range Radio Altimeter (LRRA) and the Thales/ACSS T3CAS surveillance platform.

“Asia is the most dynamic and fastest growing market in the world for avionics and it is crucial for Thales to continue to grow it footprint in the region. The contracts we signed go beyond a simple count of aircraft to be equipped; they are a proof of our strength and capabilities in Asia. 2015 has been a very important year for us and we look forward to delivering on our commitments in the years ahead", underlined Daniel Malka, Thales VP and General Manager for Avionics Services Worldwide.


Singapore boasts one of the three global repair hubs for avionics and In-Flight Entertainment systems. It is responsible for a third of Thales’s Avionics repair and overhaul activities worldwide covering the entire Australasian territory.


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