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First Thales Reality H Full Flight Simulator in the United States achieves FAA certification

May 25. 2021  Thales's Reality H® Full Flight Simulator for the H145 helicopter has just been qualified to Level D by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. It is the first Reality H® system in the United States, installed at the training centre operated by Helisim, a joint venture between Airbus and Thales.

Developed in France, the H145 Full Flight Simulator offers pilots an immersive experience with extremely faithful reproduction of their operational missions. The system incorporates Airbus Helicopters' avionics and software suite, features the latest simulation technologies and can generate a wide range of scenarios to train pilots in realistic flight conditions. This full-motion flight simulator will offer American pilots high-level domestic training opportunities with the most comprehensive and versatile equipment available on the market.

The Helisim simulation centre, located inside the Airbus Helicopters facility in Grand Prairie, Texas, has just inaugurated the new Reality H® Full Flight Simulator and it was able to commence commercial training operations as soon as the FAA qualification was announced.

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