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HELI EXPO 2016: Experience our immersive demonstrator!

Mar 01. 2016 

“HeliMission” is showcased for the first time this year, allowing visitors to experience our training offer, by flying into a specifically designed immersive simulator as close as possible to the Reality H high fidelity training device.

This device features high fidelity visuals thanks to an immersive Thales-designed head-mounted display, high fidelity flight and controls equivalent to a Level D qualified simulator, and full instructor control on the environment.

The Reality H Full Flight Simulator is already in service around the world, and provides operational efficiency and high quality training supported by a powerful image generation system, large field of view visual display, efficient instructor control and high accuracy all-electric motion system.

Avionics 2020 is also there. Our disruptive generation cockpit avionics suite is based on three main principles: a crew-centric design, a set of mission-minded functions and a customizable solution.

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