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Moscow Avionics Conference on Integrated Modular Avionics co-chaired by Thales

Nov 29. 2012 

Thales co-chaired the Avionics Conference organized by the Russian GosNIIAS (State Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Systems) on Octobre 29th and 30th in Moscow, Russia.

This international scientific and practical Conference focused on Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), highlighting the state of IMA research and the development potential for future IMA systems.  Around 200 participants - including authorities, research centers and industry players - attended the conference and shared the vision of future IMA that should be flying from 2020 onwards.

As a technological pioneer in the IMA avionics field, Thales shared its views on IMA-related research by presenting the results of the European Commission’s SCARLETT (SCAlable & Reconfigurable Electronics plaTforms and Tools) project, which Thales lead from 2009 to 2012. Thales also talked about certification challenges and methods for complex IMA solutions and concluded with a presentation on new technological solutions for IMA systems.  

Thales has been a pioneer in the development of IMA, rolling out innovative solutions on board the Airbus A380 and ATR’s -600 series.



Integrated Modular Avionics enables:

  • Rationalization of on-board electronic computer means
  • Reduction of weight, volume and power consumption
  • Scalability, growth potential
  • Maintenance costs reduction


Photos credit: copyright Thales, pictured Joseph HUYSSEUNE, Director Partnerships and SESAR deployment, Thales Avionics


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