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Thales acquires AvioVision

Oct 21. 2016 

With the acquisition of Aviovision, leading software and services provider for the aviation industry, Thales will be able to extend its Electronics Flight Bag offer, ranging from full systems to state-of-the-art applications.

The Belgian based AvioVision is one of the most innovative and successful start-ups in the field of digitalisation of aircraft operation processes based on Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions.

AvioVision has developed AVIOBOOK, an EFB applications platform already successfully implemented at 25 airlines, and currently used on more than 900 aircrafts. Pilots use AVIOBOOK to prepare and optimize their flight in collaboration with their Airline Operation Center.

A broader range of operational applications

The combination of Thales and AvioVision capabilities will help develop EFB solutions for airlines with a broader range of operational applications, leveraging Thales’ expertise in avionics, airborne connectivity, data analytics, cybersecurity and ground support platforms. Thales’ worldwide footprint and international commercial network will support and boost AvioVision’s growth.

Kris Van den Bergh, CEO of AvioVision said: “This is a very important step for AvioVision. We are very proud that a world leader such as Thales chooses to incorporate our successes and invest in the platform that our team has developed. Thales’ global position will permit us to further use our expertise and technological base to accelerate our growth and address a larger market. We are very much looking forward to joining the Thales’ family and jointly enhance our customer’s operations with smart solutions.”
Capitalising on both AvioVision’s innovative applications and Thales expertise in the integration of complex avionics systems with Electronic Flight Bags, Thales will be able to extend its range of EFB solutions to support airlines in the optimization of their operations.

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