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Thales awarded best supplier in Avionics support by Airbus

Oct 05. 2016 

With over 7,500 direct suppliers worldwide, Airbus attributed awards to 7 partners, during a ceremony held in Hamburg on October 5th. Thales has been recognized as best supplier by Airbus executive committee acknowledging continuous excellence in the field of customer support for systems & equipment, cabin and propulsion.

This is the second time this year that Thales’s performance for avionics customer support and services is recognized by the airframer. Earlier this year at the Farnborough Airshow, Thales received the award for second best supplier in the yearly Airbus Supplier Support Rating 2015, based on the feedbacks of airline operators.

In receiving the support award, Peter Hitchcock, Thales VP in charge of Commercial Avionics said: “Airbus is one of our oldest clients and being recognised in a single year by both their customers and the airframer is a point of particular pride for us. It represents further evidence that Thales’s excellence in the field of services is one of our strongest competitive advantages and a proof point of our customer satisfaction efforts, especially with our longest-standing clients.”

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