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Thales scores significant avionics wins in 2016 to equip over 400 aircraft in China

Nov 05. 2016 

Across 2016 Thales has consolidated its position as the avionics component supplier of choice in China. The Group has signed contracts to equip avionics components on over 400 Boeing and Airbus, mainly single aisle aircraft, across multiple Chinese airlines.

Thales will equip many major Chinese airlines including China Southern and China Eastern with its market leading equipment including its market leading Flight Management System, Thales/ACSS T3CAS systems, TopFlight SATCOM and Head-Up Displays.

A total of 154 Airbus 320NEOs will be equipped with a full component package including Thales Flight Management Systems, the Thales/ACSS T3CAS Traffic and Terrain Collision Avoidance Systems, as wells as the ELT Integra, the Radio altimeters and the Head-Up Displays.

The Group will also be equipping over 150 B737MAX aircraft with different sets of components, including over 100 TopFlight Inmarsat SATCOM systems and 50 with both TCAS3000 and Long Range Radio Altimeters.

Chinese airlines have been investing heavily in the 737NG platform and Thales has been the supplier of choice on these new versions of the popular Boeing single aisle, for components ranging from TopFlight Inmarsat SATCOM, TCAS3000 and Low Range Radio Altimeter. The group signed contract on over 80 of these aircraft.


« Chinese airlines have extremely aggressive growth strategies to meet the requirements of growing demand and they need an avionics supplier that can deliver fast, and guarantee service excellence. This is why our leadership position in China is one of our strongest proof points to demonstrate the level of product maturity and service excellence Thales brings.» Daniel Malka, Thales Vice President in charge of Avionics Services Worldwide activities.

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