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TopMax: the lightest all-in-one eyes-out solution

Jun 16. 2015 

As a “premiere” this year, Thales is presenting its brand new pilot head-worn display system integrated on Avionics 2020 to increase the pilot’s situation awareness.

Based on more than 20 years’ experience in military Helmet Mounted Display Systems with TopOwl and Scorpion products, this new Head-Worn Display System for civilian applications is dedicated to commercial aviation, business jets and helicopters to introduce a new way for pilots to safely fly and efficiently manage the mission, keeping their eyes out of the aircraft.

As an alternative or complementary solution to current Head-Up Displays, it reduces take-off and landing minima and offers new functionalities based on its wearable design, such as off-axis symbology and 3D scenery with unlimited field of regard; designation and cueing functions (e.g. traffic display, dir to) and an extended virtual display to avoid looking head down.

Minimal footprint, maximum field of view

Different classes of symbology and representation are available: basic HUD lookalike symbology; 3D scenery Synthetic Vision System (SVS) adapted for eyes out representation with runway symbology for landing; Enhanced Vision System (EVS) image; flight plan symbology (flight path and waypoints); traffic display; charts, Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)…

With its minimalist design integrating a modern visual appearance, it is comfortable and easy to use with a weight of only 700 grams including the audio headset and Active Noise Reduction (ANR). Its installation is rapid and simple with minimal footprint in the aircraft.


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