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TopMax scores top marks in flight testing

Feb 25. 2016 

The TopMax head-worn display has met all expectations in flight tests, which began in 2015. Conducted on a Cessna F406 and customer test aircraft, the campaign involved around 40 pilots, with some flights lasting up to three hours.

“Feedback was extremely positive, confirming our belief that TopMax has huge potential,” says Guillaume Lapeyronnie, marketing manager for avionics activities. “All pilots were impressed by the product’s performance in terms of stability, latency and comfort. They also appreciated the other key benefits of the head-worn display, including the new possibilities opened up by its virtually unlimited field of view.”

As well as this critical feedback from pilots, the flight tests were a chance to identify a number of improvements that will be made before the product goes into production and enters service in early 2019.

“Several potential customers are very interested in this new product in the business aviation segment, commercial air transport and civil helicopters markets,” adds Guillaume Lapeyronnie.


Key benefits of TopMax

As an alternative or complementary solution to current head-up displays, TopMax reduces take-off and landing minima and offers new functionality based on its wearable design, such as off-axis symbology and 3D scenery with unlimited field of view, designation and cueing functions (traffic display, dir to, etc.) and an extended virtual display to avoid looking down.

With its minimalist design and contemporary look, TopMax is comfortable and easy to use, weighing in a just 700 grams, including the audio headset and Active Noise Reduction (ANR). It is quick and easy to install and has a minimal footprint in the aircraft.


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