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ACSS T3CAS surveillance suite becomes standard on A320 aircraft family

Jul 15. 2013 

The T³CAS* traffic management computer of ACSS (L-3 Communications/Thales joint venture) has been selected by Airbus as the standard surveillance avionics suite for its A320 Family of Jets (A318/A319/A320/A321). T³CAS is also available on Airbus A330 aircraft.

The T³CAS is ACSS’s most advanced integrated surveillance system, featuring a Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS), Mode S Transponder with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out transmission capability and Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness (ATSAW) ADS-B In functions. All functions are integrated into a single line replaceable unit. “T³CAS is the industry’s most advanced surveillance system,” said Terry Flaishans, president of ACSS. “To make NextGen flights a reality, we’ve packaged core safety functions with advanced ADS-B In and Out capabilities. As a result, Airbus can offer this superior surveillance package to all of its A320, A330 and A340 customers.” The ATSAW ADS-B In applications for the A320 Family of Jets provide improved safety and operational efficiency for operators in all phases of flight, including enhanced situational awareness, flight-level change performance in non-radar coverage areas, such as oceanic airspace, and Visual Separation Approach. Low-RNP (Required Navigation Performance) capability was also certified in the T³CAS for long-range and single-aisle Airbus aircraft. ACSS is the industry leader in ADS-B avionics for NextGen and SESAR, becoming the first company to certify ADS-B for commercial airline cockpits in 2007. The Mode S Transponder within the T³CAS is certified to DO-260A, enabling ADS-B Out transmission. The Mode S transmits highly accurate position, speed and intent data about the aircraft in flight. It also receives the same type of information about aircraft flying in the nearby airspace, which is known as ADS-B In. “T³CAS becoming basic standard means, if not specified otherwise, this product will be installed by default on Airbus Single Aisle aircraft family,” comments Jean-Francis Manfroy, Marketing Director for Thales’s Avionics Services Worldwide branch. “This is a very strong message to the industry; the surveillance choice from Airbus is the T3CAS,” he adds. T³CAS is part of the surveillance product portfolio, for which Thales Avionics is the exclusive selling agent for the Air Transport Market, while also providing support services for this product range. * T³CAS is a registered trademark Photo credit: copyright ACSS