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Behind-the-scenes in Thales’s flight avionics production facilities

Sep 25. 2017 

The industrial expertise of Thales is an essential link in the chain that extends from conception, design and development, to manufacture, delivery and support across our avionics products, systems and services. More than 1,000 people based at six industrial facilities thus contribute to the manufacture of our flight avionics products, which then go on to fly on board all types of civil and military platforms.

Capitalizing on the latest breakthroughs in terms of production management and organization, and deploying a Lean continuous improvement approach to enhance our output, Thales has become a benchmark, market-leading player and has been saluted as such by customers and end-users alike. Our industrial teams in France and Singapore deliver more than 140,000 products and spares each year.

This short video serves as an introduction to our industrial capabilities, highlighting our constant quest for excellence, our use of cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, and the implementation of processes such as a digitally-managed milk-run system that enables made-to-measure production levels and minimized stocks. It also showcases the specific focuses and skillsets of each of our industrial facilities.

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