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Counter jamming and spoofing threats in military operations

Jan 04. 2017 

As the threat of GPS/GNSS electronic warfare is evermore real and important, military platforms need to be protected to avoid mission failure. With the introduction of the GPS/GNSS* anti-jammer TopShield, Thales is providing an essential response to growing requirements in the fields of counter jamming and spoofing.

During a military mission, pilots and crew need to have continuous trusted data whatever the platform: fighters, helicopters, missiles, surface ships or armored vehicles. But on the battlefield, electronic warfare has become a serious threat for mission success as GPS/GNSS jammers are now particularly easy to procure. For less than €100, anyone can buy a jammer on the internet with performance levels that enable civil applications to be denied within a 50-kilometer radius.

The anti-jammer TopShield is effective in the most challenging military environments and able to counter all types of threat scenarios from multiple low-cost jammers to high power ground jammers, including multiple sophisticated and airborne jammers.

By combining the signals from a unique antenna configuration into the Antenna Electronic Unit, TopShield can detect jammers or spoofers and cancel out their effects to maintain the continuity of GPS/GNSS information.

By installing Thales’s anti-jamming solution on their platforms, military end-users can rely on their GPS/GNSS signals and achieve their mission successfully.

For more information about TopShield, click HERE.

*GPS : Global Positioning System / GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite System

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