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Galileo: Thales among the lead industry players on Europe's FRAME programme

Mar 25. 2016 

Thales is working alongside fellow industry players IABG, Qinetiq and Telespazio on the leadership of FRAME, a research programme aimed at formalising the usage of Galileo, the future satellite positioning system PRS (Public Regulated Service).

The four-year FRAME programme brings together most of the industrial players who are contributing to the implementation of the secure Galileo PRS, specifically 37 companies from twelve countries. Through FRAME, under the aegis of the GSA (the European Commission’s GNSS Agency) and with the input of Member States, they have the following high-level objectives: establish a framework for ensuring that any PRS user segment developments meet Galileo and PRS security objectives ; ensure the co-existence of new and innovative PRS use cases with the “traditional” use of secure GNSS ; gather the main PRS stakeholders to drive the activities and the decision-making process of all the developments in support of user and market acceptance.

According to Ronan Le Mot, from the Defence and Government Sales team within the Military Avionics domain, who is at the helm of Thales’s contributions to the FRAME programme: “the expectations and intended uses of the Galileo PRS vary. The FRAME programme will help pinpoint and validate concepts of use by drawing up case standards for the service in Europe. The project is as complex as Galileo is ambitious, and will require a lot of work to identify the solutions that will satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders.”

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