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Insights from users

Jun 29. 2015 

Two Swiss Air International Airlines pilots recently visited our facility in Toulouse to talk about their experiences as users of our products, providing Thales engineers with a great opportunity to understand the needs of customers and users.

“Thales products are great products, and we’re completely satisfied with them,” said Daniel Meier, Chief Technical Pilot. “The Flight Management System offers real potential and we’re using it to the full.”

Daniel Meier values this kind of face-to-face meeting: “It’s important for us to meet the system designers and talk about the future developments we’d like to see on our aircraft.”

Jean-Louis Viala, VP Sales for Thales’s Commercial Avionics business, believes this kind of interaction is vital. “Meeting our customers and the people who use our products and systems helps us see things from their perspective and gives us a better grasp of their needs and expectations. We’ll be organising still more of these sessions in the future.”

  • Picture source: commons.wikimedia.org


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