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SETP members welcomed to the Thales pavilion at Paris Air Show

Jul 02. 2015 

At this year’s Paris Air Show, 20 members and invitees of the famous Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) were welcomed to Thales by Gil Michielin, Executive Vice President of Thales in charge of Avionics businesses.

The delegation included crew members from Bombardier, Airbus, Boeing and the South African Flight Test School. They took this opportunity to test the Avionics 2020 connected cockpit and the brand new TopMax head-worn display.

Thales is proud to support this international organization that seeks to promote air safety and contributes to aeronautical advancement. From its beginning in 1955, the Society of Experimental Test Pilots has grown into an internationally recognized organization which has made its mark in the aerospace world. SETP brings together about 2,500 members including 2,300 experimental test pilots in more than 25 countries throughout the world.

Legend: Lou Knotts, who is President of Calspan and Fellow of SETP, had the honor to give to Gil Michielin a “Certificate of Appreciation” in the name of SETP. (Photo: Thales)

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