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Thales insights into the photonics and lasers ecosystem

Feb 03. 2016 

Thales is playing a major role in the Photonics, Aerospace and Space (PHAROS) strategic domain set up in June 2014 at the Aquitaine region's Route des Lasers photonics cluster.

Under the leadership of two Thales engineers, PHAROS is focusing on the photonics technology requirements of future manufacturing facilities, onboard systems and non-destructive testing and measurement solutions.

"As an active player in this strategic domain we have an excellent insight into the photonics and laser ecosystem at both regional and national levels," says Célestin Sedogbo, one of the engineers in charge. "Very early in the process, we have a chance to work alongside all the specialists — academic researchers, start-ups and SMEs — who could be involved in our future display systems, data transmission solutions or new sensors like lidar anenometers for navigation."


PHAROS key figures
-23 members including major aerospace companies, SMEs and research institutes from Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées
-4 complementary programmes:
o Onboard opto-electronic systems, quality, reliability
o Communication, navigation, lighting
o Processing and manufacturing
o Observatory for optical and photonic technologies in systems


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