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Thales EVP Yannick Assouad - The reasons why our Training and Simulation activity is so popular... among gamers!

Jan 09. 2024  Thales's Yannick Assouad has published an opinion piece on LinkedIn that focuses on the parallels between Training & Simulation and gaming that make the branch so popular with video game enthusiasts... and demonstrates how the subjects we work on go far, far beyond gaming!

What are the parallels between the world of training and simulation, and the world of gaming? Thales's Avionics EVP Yannick Assouad has shared an opinion piece on LinkedIn which illustrates why this branch of Thales activities is so popular with video game enthusiasts, and demonstrates how the subjects we work on go far, far beyond gaming... 

"There are areas in which our training and simulation capabilities actually go far beyond what video games in the public domain can achieve. One is the grounding in operational reality of the systems we deliver. What I mean is that trainees get to deal with perfectly replicated vehicles, weapons, vision systems or infrared cameras, many of which simply do not exist in the gaming world. [...] A second key dimension, which is unique to our real-world training and simulation systems, is that of cybersecurity and sovereignty. The training assets we are delivering are of strategic importance and therefore need to be as self-contained and as resilient to enemy forces as any operational military hard- and software! They must also comply with constraints that can be specific to a given State." 


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