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Thales Pad – ever increasing success for the connected EFB solution

Sep 21. 2017 

Thales Pad EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) has now been selected by 14 airlines to support the optimization of their operations. These selections concern Boeing, Airbus and other manufacturers, and confirm the leading position of Thales on the worldwide EFB market. Thales’s unique flight-proven solution consists of an avionics-grade hardware incorporating a connected, integrated and secure application suite for any type of aircraft and airline.

Thales’s EFB solution benefits from our long-term experience and expertise in the field of avionics systems development and integration. Thales proposes an end-to-end modular EFB offering designed for cockpit environment and pilots. This complete solution covers an EFB hardware and an Aviobook software suite as well as an Aircraft Interface Device (AID) seamlessly connecting the tablet to the avionics systems of the aircraft.

A unique solution easy to set up

This EFB solution is easy to set up and airlines are supported throughout all phases of the installation process. With regard to in-service aircraft, Thales takes care of the certification process with EASA and local authorities for the Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) applicable to the hardware installation on aircraft. Thales also helps the airlines in obtaining operational approval of the EFB hardware and software. Our EFB solution will soon be on Airbus Service Bulletin as an option.

Thanks to the patented aircraft docking system, airlines can securely mount the most common EFB tablets as well as the Thales Pad. The “one-hand” docking mechanism called “Dock and Fly” is safe and easy for the crew to dock, undock or swap their EFB devices during all phases of a flight. It supports current and future tablets and remains compatible with fixed aircraft hardware during the aircraft’s lifecycle.



The best combination of the avionics and consumer market worlds

Thales Pad combines the best of the avionics and consumer market worlds in terms of reliability, certification and safety as well as high-performance design, flexibility and intuitive use. It is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the airline crew.

Key benefits include a high definition antiglare multi-touch screen currently available in 10.1” and soon available in 12”, and extended luminosity range which makes the Thales Pad easy to use in all day or night conditions with low reflectivity in direct sunlight. The Thales Pad is fully compliant with Avionics Environment (DO-160) standard and is certified with regards to specific EFB regulations. It can be used in extreme temperature conditions.

Thales Pad includes Intel Core i5 processor, Windows 10 Enterprise operating system and provides full connectivity through 3G, 4G, wifi, Bluetooth, USB port and Ethernet.
Thales Pad has been installed on several aircraft platforms including Boeing 777, Airbus A320, A330 and A350. Thales Pad has already been selected by seven airlines for their A350XWB fleets. The launch customer for the Thales connected EFB solution on A350 is Air Caraïbes.

Thales Pad is already in operation with most of the EFB application suppliers on the market and also with the comprehensive Aviobook aircraft operations suite proposed by Thales.

Air France – flying with Thales Pad since 2016

Thales Pad is operational with Air France on their Boeing 777 fleet. The first commercial flight took place in December 2016 on a Paris to Bangkok route. Air France confirmed the selection of 180 shipsets for B777 aircraft-attached Electronic Flight Bags, flight simulators and spares. Thales Pad is installed on a mount that has been optimized for the B777 cockpit, designed by Air France Maintenance & Engineering.

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